Nobody loves them, but everyone has to write them. Changes are safe if there are any of them. It’s better to write them before, but it’s not too late to write them after. They are always not enough, no matter how hard one tries.

All aforementioned riddles are about the same thing. Just try to guess…

And that’s absolutely right, they’re about “Unit Testing”.

In the article, we’ll go through the unit testing terminology, advantages, best practices and examples. Expand on AAA pattern, FIRST principles and TDD. Let’s get started!

Unit testing is the first barrier before evil bugs and…

About 2 million NPM downloads per month. More than 50% of developers use it on a daily basis. Almost 80% of the new projects are started with it out of the box. Last year, it has surged in popularity, leaving Python in 3rd place on Stack Overflow Trends. For the moment, in the TOP-50 technologies on TIOBE Index.

Not long ago, I’ve presented the webinar for the local technical interviewers' community on the “Typical technical interview session with spices” topic. The motivation for it was the results of the survey. There was a load of questions such as “How to make a candidate feel comfortable?”, “How efficiently conduct an interview and make things reactively faster?”, there was also a high demand for tips & tricks, and “How to make a session smooth and easy-going?”. Therefore, I’ve decided to break down the interview phases by function and collected spices for them.

In the real world, it’s a product or…

This is the third part of the series. For reading the previous article follow the link.

“Soft skills” is a fancy word with mysterious meaning. It’s on everyone’s lips, but its significance is still questionable. Each one of us heard about it at least once while surfing the Internet or being interviewed by companies (especially by giants like Google, Facebook, EPAM, and so on). But let’s head deeper into that and find out why soft skills are so trendy today.

To put it in a nutshell, I’ve been working in IT for almost ten years, and for a certain period…

This is the second part of the series. For reading the previous article follow the link.

Several days ago, I was sitting in the armchair and discussing the feeding culture, and for a moment, I flew away to the majestic world of philosophy and thought that everything in our life has its own set of rules, best practices, and structure. The endless list includes the human body, society, chemistry, languages, programming, and so on and so forth.

And after hundreds of interviews, there’s absolutely no doubt that interview sessions definitely have some similar pattern, some structure regardless of their type…

A mentor is the term of high standing and respect, it’s a well-known name among all aficionados of Greek mythology. That was the man who was in charge of the Odysseus palace and bringing up his son during the Trojan War.

That’s the reason why being a mentor means being someone who blessed with infinite wisdom and shares knowledge in a professional area with a less-experienced colleague.

However, not all of us entirely understand the duties of a mentor, not all of us feel the responsibility of being a mentor.

Not long ago, our team has started preparing the course…

Nowadays an interview is a pretty common procedure for any company, especially in IT world. That’s why it’s a really hot topic for every engineer who wants to get a job, to be exact for an “interviewee” or a “candidate”. At the same time, there is the other side of that coin (for many, dark side) and the name for it is an “interviewer” who was vested with the responsibility of conducting an interview.

The thing is the process itself is really stressful and challenging for both sides and the outcome may be miserable and full of the frustration of…

Rufat Khaslarov

Chief Software Engineer | Technical Interviewer and Mentor | ZCE | GCPCA | EPAM Systems | HTML Academy

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